Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 236 – The Relationship Between Karma and Grace

In this Q&A session, Ram Dass answers questions about how to love without emotional attachment, the relationship between karma and grace, and how he defines responsibility.

“For conscious beings, there aren’t any limits in the game. I mean, most of you think you have to breathe. And it’s very far out when you start to go into deep states of Samadhi and you begin to notice, or somebody else points out to you that you haven’t been breathing for the last 30 minutes. And a mirror under your nose and there’s no breath and nothing’s happening. At first, it so freaks you because it’s so contrary to your model of how you can exist that you panic and start to breathe again.” – Ram Dass

In this recording from 1976, Ram Dass answers questions from a lively Los Angeles audience:
  • How to love without emotional attachment? Ram Dass explores the various levels of love, dealing with attachment, and working with the karma that exists in our life space.
  • What is the relationship of karma and grace? Ram Dass talks about how he perceives grace and the ways it intersects with our karma.
  • What’s his view on vegetarianism? And who is God? Somehow, those questions are connected.
  • How does Ram Dass define responsibility? A responsible being lives in the Tao.

“And what grace turns out to be is all the forces that exist in the universe that are free agents, that are available to support the process of your going back into the source. All the gurus, all the beings on astral planes, all of the elements, all of the forces in the universe.” – Ram Dass


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