Legal Battle Unfolds Over Eric Mays’ Funeral: Son Files Lawsuit

Legal Battle Unfolds Over Eric Mays’ Funeral: Son Files Lawsuit – In a recent development in Flint, Michigan, the late City Councilman Eric Mays’ son, Eric HaKeem Deontaye Mays, has taken legal action by filing a lawsuit regarding the handling of his father’s remains. This lawsuit, which has been filed in the 7th Judicial Circuit Court, alleges violations of Michigan law, fraud, and conspiracy involving the Lawrence E. Moon Funeral Home and four siblings of the late Councilman concerning the handling of his remains.

The attorneys representing Eric HaKeem Deontaye Mays, from the Lento Law Group, have made a statement over the weekend expressing their client’s concerns. They have asked the Flint community to disregard recent announcements regarding the late Councilman’s funeral arrangements, which were made and announced by several estranged family members and the Lawrence E. Moon Funeral Home.

According to the attorneys, Eric Mays’ son is the only next of kin and the only person with the legal right to possess his father’s remains under Michigan law. However, they allege that the funeral arrangements were made by individuals who have refused to turn over the late Councilman’s body to Mr. Mays.

The statement from the Lento Law Group raises serious concerns about the actions of these individuals, describing them as questionable, if not downright fraudulent. It is noted that some of these individuals were present at the candlelight vigil for the late Councilman, appearing as if they had done nothing wrong.

Despite the community’s enthusiasm, including Mayor Sheldon Neely’s involvement, the attorneys emphasize that only Mr. Mays has the authority, under Michigan law, to decide the funeral arrangements for his father. They express hope in announcing the correct arrangements in the coming days.

This legal action has sparked interest and concern within the Flint community, with many awaiting further updates on the situation. The lawsuit brings to light the importance of legal procedures and the rights of next of kin in handling the remains of their loved ones, highlighting the need for transparency and adherence to the law in such sensitive matters. As the legal proceedings unfold, the community continues to await resolution and clarity regarding the funeral arrangements for the late Councilman Eric Mays.

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