Graydon L. Chubb Obituary: A Life of Love, Family, and Community

Graydon L. Chubb Obituary – Graydon L. Chubb, a cherished member of the Glasgow community, passed away on March 4, 2024, at the age of 70. Born on August 5, 1953, in Lock Haven, Graydon was the son of Harold Sr. and Elleanor Chubb (nee Swope). Throughout his life, Graydon touched the lives of many with his warmth, generosity, and unwavering commitment to his family and community. This article pays tribute to his life, legacy, and the lasting impact he had on those around him.

Early Life and Family Roots

Graydon’s journey began in Lock Haven, where he spent his formative years surrounded by the love of his parents and siblings. Born into the Chubb family, Graydon shared special bonds with his siblings, Bertha, Dianno, Margaret, and Wade. His upbringing instilled in him the values of love, compassion, and dedication to family.

Life’s Journey and Accomplishments

Graydon’s life took him from Lock Haven to Williamsport, where he built a life filled with love and purpose. He was a devoted husband to his late wife, Brenda, and a loving father to his children: Christina, Samantha, Marsha, Amanda, Sierra, Sabrina, Vanessa, Allan, Graydon Jr., Matthew, and Brandon. His role as a father brought him immense joy and fulfillment, and he took great pride in watching his children grow and thrive.

Cherished Memories and Legacy

Throughout his life, Graydon created cherished memories with his family and friends. He was a beloved grandfather to eight grandchildren, who brought laughter and happiness into his life. His siblings, Harold “Butch,” Patricia, and Esther, shared a special bond with Graydon, creating lasting memories that will be treasured forever.

Community Engagement and Service

Graydon was known for his active involvement in the community, where he dedicated his time and energy to helping others. Whether he was volunteering at local events or offering support to neighbors in need, Graydon’s presence was a source of strength and kindness. His commitment to serving others left a lasting impact on the Glasgow community, and he will be remembered for his selflessness and generosity.

A Celebration of Life

In honor of Graydon’s memory, a Celebration of Life will be held in the future. Friends, family, and community members are invited to come together to celebrate Graydon’s life, share stories, and honor his legacy of love and compassion. The celebration will serve as a tribute to Graydon’s life and the positive impact he had on those around him.

Final Farewell

While Graydon may no longer be with us in person, his spirit lives on in the hearts of all who knew him. His memory will be cherished, and his legacy will endure through the countless lives he touched with his kindness and generosity. As we bid farewell to Graydon, may we carry forward his spirit of love and compassion, keeping his memory alive in our hearts forever.


The arrangements for Graydon’s memorial service are being handled by McQuown Funeral Home, Glasgow. While there will be no viewing, details about the Celebration of Life will be shared with the community in the coming days. Relatives, friends, and community members are respectfully invited to attend the memorial service and pay their respects to Graydon and his family.


Graydon L. Chubb’s life was a testament to the power of love, family, and community. He leaves behind a legacy of compassion, kindness, and selflessness that will continue to inspire those who were fortunate enough to know him. As we remember Graydon and celebrate his life, may we honor his memory by embodying the values of love, compassion, and generosity that he exemplified throughout his life.

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