‘Dad refuses to buy me tampons – says it’s degrading and not his responsibility’

‘Dad refuses to buy me tampons – says it’s degrading and not his responsibility’

A 16-year-old girl has shared her struggle with her dad’s refusal to buy her tampons, claiming it’s “degrading and not his responsibility”.

The teenager, who doesn’t have a mum or any other woman in her life to help her, has been resorting to using toilet paper instead.

She took to Reddit to share her predicament: “My dad refuses to buy me tampons he says it’s degrading and not his responsibility to buy me any.

“I don’t have a mum so I can’t ask her. It’s just me and my dad. None of my friends live close enough to bring me any and I don’t have any money.”

“I’m using toilet paper right now but it’s not working well at all. Churches haven’t answered me. I’ve asked and asked my dad repeatedly and he won’t. He won’t give me the money for them and I won’t get paid until next Wednesday. I’m stressed.”

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A third user said: “I know you are young, but if you can purchase yourself a menstrual cup instead of tampons, know that you can use the same one repeatedly so you don’t have this issue with your dad. It’s more expensive up front but you can rely on it always.

“I know some women experience discomfort or even yeast infections, but if you don’t it may be a better option than to have to resort to tampons. For now, ask your school nurse/guidance councillor or even PE teacher. They may be able to help with tampons.”

One more user added: “First, this is so wrong and I’m so sorry. Secondly, I’d go to your school nurse and school guidance counselor.

“Let them know your situation and they should help provide them for at least the short term. Any sisters, cousins, aunts, grandmas would be my next suggestion.”

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